Initial consultation

When you make an appointment to see an osteopath, you will be asked not only about the problems that you have at the moment, but also about your lifestyle, general health and past medcal history.

The osteopath will conduct a thorough examination and you will be normally asked to perform a series of active movements to assess overall and local mobility.

Clinical tests such as taking your blood pressure, testing your reflexes and listening to your heart and lungs , or examining your eyes may be performed at this stage. The osteopath may also arrange for additional X rays or blood tests if required.

The osteopath will explain what he has found and offer a diagnosis. He will also outline the proposed treatment.

The first visit will last up to an hour and will include treatment if the osteopath feels that he is able to help. If not, you will be referred to an appropriate therapist.

At the end of the treatment you will be given after-care advice. This might involve for example excercises, hydrotherapy, stress management and posture training.

You may be advised to return for further treatment (generally half hour sessions).

With your first visit you may understandably feel nervous. Please feel free to bring a friend or relative with you. you can also ring in advance to discuss your condition with the osteopath.